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Interview with ecologic companies: Airone Country House

13 April 2015

Everyone has his reasons for adopting sustainable policies!

The answers of Rosanna and Francesco, owners of the country house

The GreenWatcher has asked to the sustainable activities, already reviewed on the portal, what are the reasons why they decided to undertake this kind of ecologic activity. Rosanna and Francesco, owners "Airone Country House", a small accommodation business that is committed in sustainable tourism, answered to our little virtual interview! 
This beautiful sustainable summer house is immersed in the Marche countryside and is close to Osimo (Via Chiaravallese 154, 2.3 km, along the main road).

How was your business born, and why did you decide to start an eco-friendly activity?

After moving around the world, here we are at last in Italy. Except for short spells, we were abroad for several decades! Francesco left Sicily for Switzerland in 1970, working as a ministry official for the Italian Foreign Office. He later worked in Turkey, Poland, Singapore and Australia. Rosanna, left Friuli in 1992 for Sydney where she worked for the Italian Ministry of Education. We met and got married in the shade of the Opera House, and a few years later set off again – this time for Paraguay in South America. Living in so many different countries enabled us to visit the surrounding areas and helped satisfy our curiosity about such varied places and cultures. It also increased our interest in nature and in the customs and traditions of other societies. However, we had always planned to eventually return to Italy and fulfill our dream of living in the countryside where we could offer hospitality in our home just as we ourselves had received while abroad, and continue the multi-cultural relations which by now had become part of our life. 
As we were already used to living a long way from our respective birthplaces, it was not a problem deciding where we would settle: we had visited the Marches region several times and loved it, both for its natural beauty and its artistic heritage, and so we purchased and restructured an old farm-house situated in the hills near Mount Conero, in the countryside near Osimo. And here we are to stay! We put our whole hearts into creating the “Airone Country House”; our experience, our interests and passions, our dreams and ideals, warmth and enthusiasm, and a longing to be free in the air like the heron we chose for our mascot. The well-being of our guests is our main objective.

What is the most beautiful thing your customers tell you?

They had an experience that made them feel "at home".

Describe eco-sustainability according to you, in 5 words.

Enjoy an experience where the environment is the center of every moment.

This ecologic holiday house made his EcoAssessment obtaining an EcoScore of 8.1A great result!
Analyzing in detail the characteristics of the materials and products used and of waste management: the percentage of recycling is 100% and the sustainable business uses 74% of eco-materials and 85% of eco-products. The energy used for the activity is 0.04 kWh / sqm while emissions are calculated for the logistics of 0.74 kg CO2 / sqm.

Thanks to Rosanna and Francesco for sharing with us their story and their environmental commitment!
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