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Interview with ecologic companies: Bouquets and more

27 April 2015


The editorial staff of The GreenWatcher, asked to the great number of ecologic business, what pushes them to improve their environmental footprint. "Bouquets and more" is one of the sustainable business that answer to us!

"Bouquets and more" is a full-service florist and plant boutique in Washington DC that proudly offer organic, Fair Trade and eco friendly personal care and home products. This business already has an EcoOpinion, an opinion made by a user of The GreenWatcher and based on his experiences

Let's see what Vickie says of her sustainable commitment!

How was your business born, and why did you decide to start an eco-friendly activity?

Thank you for the opportunity to talk about sustainability. I began the business with the idea of being congruent with the life I lead, personally, which is eating organic and maintaining a small "footprint" with regard to waste and impact to the earth and environment. The shop supports this with having minimal packaging and waste.

I offer discounts for those customers who choose to bring in their own vases or drop off excess glassware, and I re-use the glass when possible, in my terrarium and flower creations. I also use discarded wood stumps, stones and other materials found as decor for my store.

What is the most beautiful thing your customers tell you?

Customers respond really well to the idea that 90% of what is in my store, I found in a "free please take box" or while walking in nature.

Describe eco-sustainability according to you, in 5 words

For me sustainability is to think about the earth that our waste is going back into.

Thank you Vickie for telling us your ecologic experience! 
Do you have a similar experience and you want to tell us about it? Write us an email and we will publish your sustainable experience on The GreenWatcher!