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Interview with ecologic companies: Craft Foundry

6 May 2015


The owners of many ecological shops have a very interesting story to tell that led them to decide to open a sustainable business or to make environmentally sustainable their existing activities.
The GreenWatcher makes an interview to some sustainable business asking what push them to improve their eco-sustainability. Minna, the owner of "Craft Foundry" answer to us!
"Craft Foundry" is a shop where you can find many type of quality eco-conscious jewelry and products for the body or your home, in addition you can increase your creativity by taking a lesson with Minna.
This business already has an EcoOpinion, an opinion made by a user of The GreenWatcher and based on his personal experiences

Let's see what Minna says of her sustainable commitment!

How was your business born, and why did you decide to start an eco-friendly activity?

I am an artist who has always been interested in earth friendly activities, in fact started in university as an environmentalist major. I became aware that science was not my strong suit, but I could still through art and craft become an advocate. All the items in my store are either locally made, with organic ingredients; or fair trade certified. I believe in packaging which is recycled and always promote earth friendly activities to customers by talking about the rain barrel I had installed, or the down spout planter outside the store. I was born in Finland and love of nature seems inherent in all I do.

What is the most beautiful thing your customers tell you?

I think it is great to hear that they have learned something about being responsible guardians of the earth.

Describe eco-sustainability according to you, in 5 words:

Thoughtful responsible management of resources.

Thank you Minna for your ecologic commitment! 
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