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Interview with ecologic companies: FrenchHoliday

26 May 2015


The GreenWatcher makes an interview to some sustainable business asking what pushes them to improve their eco-sustainable commitment. Jean and Mike, the owners of "FrenchHolidays" answer us! 

"FrenchHolidays" is a small holiday complex consisting of 3 separate accommodations immerse in rural countryside of Loire. FrenchHolidays is safe, restfull and child friendly, situated at the end of a private drive and surrounded by fields.
In the delightful countryside and forests you can go out for a walk, cycle and makes birdwatching. They take care about the environmental sustainability putting into practice some measures for saving energy and using renewable energy sources to produce energy and hot water.

How was your business born, and why did you decide to start an eco-friendly activity?

Thank you for the opportunity to tell you a little about FrencHholiday, which are three rental properties converted from the farm buildings situated around our old French farmhouse. We were enchanted when we first saw 'Les Mortiers' in 1997 and all these years later still feel privileged to live in this peaceful environment. We wonder how people lived on this farm 200 – 300 years ago and feel great respect for them.
These thoughts have been an integral part of our way of life, a wish to respect the land, live here gently and in doing so respect the past.
Sometimes writing down ideas helps to make them a reality. It is something to remind you where you want to be. Our environmental strategy was simply putting our thoughts down for others to see, understand a little about us, and being clear about the way we live here at Les Mortiers. It is common sense! We were surprised by the reaction of our costumers when they told us we were probably the first gite (holiday rental) business to publish an environmental strategy

What is the most beautiful thing your customers tell you?

There is no wish to impose this ecologic commitment on our guests but our feelings about this environment have had a major impact on some, from returning home and using environmentally friendly washing and cleaning products to creating their own vegetable gardens, composting and recycling. Our visitors are sometimes like minded, sometimes part of the consumer society, but hopefully touched in some way.

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How was your business born, and why did you decide to start an eco-friendly activity?
What is the most beautiful thing your customers tell you?
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