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Interview with ecologic companies: Quintessence

20 April 2015

Mun Chan tell us how eco-sustainability has become important in her restaurant business.

The GreenWatcher has asked to all the ecosustainable activities on the portal why they started an ecologic activity and "Quintessence" answered to our little virtual interview! This beautiful raw food restaurant interested in healthy eating is located in East VillageManhattan, New York City. 
Quintessence is a gourmet oasis that combine innovative dishes with an ecosustainable way of life and production so every plate served here is 100% organic, vegan and raw

How was your business born, and why did you decide to start an eco-friendly activity?

Back in 1996, my health was going downhill fast, I had compromised immune, severe bloating, and hypoid issues. I tried almost everything, Western medicine, Chinese herbal tincture, acupuncture, but nothing was helping. In 1997, I was introduced to raw food by a colleague of mine in the garment industry. I was so fascinated by the healing concept of this raw vegan diet that I started researching and reading everything about it. One day I came across a Live food recipe book written by David Jubb, who is also a holistic healer. 

He put me on a 2-week cleansing program ingesting only raw vegan organic liquid foods, which cleansed my liver and gall-bladder. 
That was the turning point of my health. After the fast, I noticed my complexion looked amazing, I had tons of energy as if I was back in my youth again. After a few of these fast, something incredible happened! My "incurable" asthma was completely cured.
Gradually, I, and my partner, adopted more and more raw dishes into our daily diet, eventually we were eating 3 meals of raw food. The cleanse and the raw diet had completely turned our health around. We got more and more involved with the growing raw food community, attending frequenting lectures, presentations, parties, potlucks... we saw a need for a raw food eatery. We also had felt it would be a good way for us to feed ourselves a steady diet of topnotch foods. Meanwhile, my colleagues were so fascinated with what I brought for lunch that they began to order from me. In a short time, I was bringing 2 big bags of food to everyone in my department. We found that not only raw vegan foods are healing but the foods that my partner and I made was amazingly delicious and unique.
We were actually asked by my colleagues to open a restaurant. This is how the idea was born.

Why did you decide to start an eco-friendly activity?

Being eco-friendly wasn’t a decision really, but it comes with the territory. How can anyone not be eco-friendly when eating this way?! It all starts with myself, when I am being more conscious in taking care of my body, I am naturally conscious in taking care of the giver, which is Mother Earth.The whole process starting from purchasing, to preparing, to composing, to consuming, is all a natural cycle.

What is the most beautiful thing your customers tell you?

Quintessence had changed their health and their life to the better.

Describe eco-sustainability according to you, in 5 words:

Give back to Mother Earth.

Thanks to "Quintessence" for sharing with us his story! How did you approach the world of eco-sustainability with your business? Did you have a similar experience?  Tell us about it!