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16 March 2015

Each business has its history and its characteristics... from the sustainable point of view, too!

Today we're going to show you two examples of European sustainable businesses that put effort into preserving the environment and that have already EcoAssessed their businesses within The GreenWatcher. Throught the EcoAssessment, they inform clients and consumers about their activities ecologic management as regards the main sustainable areas: materials used and/or sold, waste managementenergy consumption and CO2 emissions. At the end of the EcoAssessment, the company receives via email its Certificate of ecosustainability, with the achieved EcoScore, that sums up the company's commitment to preserve the environment. Do you wanna know something more about the calculation system of the EcoScore? Click HERE

Let's discover together the two selected ecologic companies that are making efforts to communicate how eco-friendly they are and reduce their environmental impact!

 Kornkammer has been the first shop dedicated to natural and ecologic foodstuffs in Munich (Germany). It's easily recheable from the metro station "Münchner Freiheit".
Since over 40 years, it receives its customers with a friendly and expert staff proposing high-quality fresh biologic products and ready meals prepared by chef Markus...Regarding the packaged products, they propose a wide range (almost 3.000!) of organic and eco friendly products belonging to every sector. From their EcoAssessment, we can see that the business uses eco-friendly materials for the sale spaces' outfitting ... 48% are ecomaterials, it means almost an half!
55% is the percentage of eco-friendly products used and sold, so we can buy here lots of products that respect the environment. Energy consumption of the commercial activity is of 0.38 kWh / sq m; regardings the emissions for the logistics of the supplies (transport from the supplier to the store) the calculated value is 0.55 kg CO2 / m , as most of the supplies comes from an average of less than 100 km. The current EcoScore of this sustainable company is 7.6, a good result!

EcoEgo - Green Living Made Easy is placed in Copenaghen (Denmark) city center. This is a retailer of eco-friendly, biologic and ethic products and objects for the home or for the office. 
Their mission is not limited to the sold of products, but aims also at make green, environmentally sustainable and easy their customers life through expert ecological advices and a support service regarding a more sustainable and natural way of living.
From their EcoAssessment, we see the high percentage (90%) of eco-friendly products used and sold; moreover the outfitting is composed for the 99% by eco-friendly materials.
For what concerns the waste management, they recycle for the 75%. The energy consumed by the sustainable company is 0.10 kWh / sqm ... very low! Moreover they also use energy produced from renewable sources. The emissions for the carriage of supplies to the sustainable store is 0.85 kg CO2 / sqm.
Consequently the current EcoScore of this activity is 7.8, a good result!

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