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Light authomatic switching on and off

25 July 2016

Eco-easy solutions of The GreenWatcher for a sustainable lifestyle

Light authomatic switching on and off with sensors that pick up the presence of people is a reality within everyone’s reach thanks to technology. It represents an eco-friendly solution very useful for example in hotel corridors, fitting rooms and public toilets but it is used also in home rooms, mostly the less frequented places, because it avoids the risk of forgetting the light on.

The motion detectors, that precisely pick up the presence of people and turn on the lights when it is necessary, are generally recessed devices with timers to turn off automatically the lights after a given time interval. In this way unnecessary waste is avoided and savings are significant. A sustainable lifestyle always rewards you!

And for who wants to be ecosustainable to light outdoor spaces as well, there are twilight switches. These devices are activated when the natural light begins to run out, thanks to a photocell on the switch turning on the lamp or the other devices which it is linked to.

The GreenWatcher looks at the energy-saving systems to assess the ecosustainability of retail businesses, rewarding who uses detectors, light authomatic switching off, timers, etc... In the energy sector of our EcoAssess and EcoOpinion users can give all the information on that.

If you know eco-friendly businesses that use energy-saving systems send us your EcoOpinion and join TGW to spread the green!
If instead you are a company try our EcoAssess and certify your ecosustainability with the Certificate of Ecosustainability of The GreenWatcher!