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More trees for more eco-friendly cities

14 November 2016

Sustainability occurs with just a little effort

Pollution and global warming are threats that every year endanger people’s health, mainly in those cities where temperatures are high and the air is contaminated. Every year more than 3 million people die due to pollution-related issues. The forecasts claim that this number is going to increase in the next years if we don’t implement measures for a sustainable development.

Supporting environmental sustainability of the places where we live in is necessary in order to protect our health and the planet. There is no need of spending huge amount of money to do it, in fact, according to “The Nature Conservancy”, an environmental association; it is enough 4 dollars per inhabitant to be invested in planting trees in order to improve the environmental situation of the biggest cities in the world.

According to the research, trees can reduce one fourth of the air pollution and if well planted they can serve as a barrier against the contaminated air, contributing in this way to make the air healthier and enjoyable. Furthermore, trees can refresh the air and decreasing the temperature up to 2 Celsius-degree. They can actually make our cities eco-friendly!

The study aims to provide the information to all the public administrations in order to demonstrate that the investment in planting trees can really affect the people’s health and the environment. Additionally, it shows that a simple green action leads to great results. Planting a tree can be a great action for the whole humanity!

Obviously, trees themselves cannot face the polluted-air and global-warming challenges and surely they will not make urban areas eco-sustainable, but they are part of the solution we are looking for. Combined with policies that aim to increase the green areas in the cities and other interventions that try to limit the use of private cars and cut the traffic jam by investing in green infrastructure facilities, a more sustainable world will soon appear!