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The new frontier of green building: biodegradable hotels

26 September 2016

Architecture and ecosustainability together

We have seen hotels with various shapes, colours and dimensions, from the most technological to the tree house but the very last new for the ecotourism is the biodegradable hotel: temporary structure made with essential and natural materials to reach the maximum integration with the environment.

In Italy the first example of this kind of sustainable architecture for green holidays was created in Puglia, exactly in the park called Parco dei Paduli. It is a big rural area characterized by a landscape dominated by olive trees in the heart of Salento, where now it is possible sleeping under the stars in contact with the nature.

It is a real open air sustainable hotel created thanks to the project “Nidificare i Paduli”, an Italian competition set in 2013 to build biodegradable hotels in Parco dei Paduli. The two selected winning projects were built in that area to give shape to eco sustainable accommodations integrated with the natural landscape.

“Lovo”, the name of the first project, has the signature of écru architetti studio of architecture and it is a structure that draws a circular space around a tree, created with materials recycled from the olive growing like nets to pick up olives and jute bags.

Three young architects from Florence are the authors of the second winning project called “Nido dei Paduli”. Their project aims to integrate the new construction with nature through a green structure that surrounds a tree, made weaving long and thin branches to give lightness and transparency.