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Our partnership with Ponyzero

7 April 2016
partnership-the greenwatcher_ponyzero

Smart green deliveries with zero impact to reduce emissions due to last mile logistics

Last mile deliveries, the ones that bring products directly to shops, are responsible for 10% of CO2 emissions from city traffic and increase significantly fine dust pollution in our cities. For that reason the retail sector can be decisive to reduce CO2 with some simple actions of ecosustainability. The logistics sector of our EcoAssess analyzes the emissions connected to deliveries of retail businesses rewarding who uses ecosustainable logistics.

To give a real solution to businesses that want to improve their performance, we have made a partnership with Ponyzero, a service for ecosustainable business and for ecologic individual offering urban deliveries exclusively by bike, completely cutting down CO2 emissions from city traffic. His entire team and companies that already have them chosen for their own deliveries, are working to spread sustainable mobility culture and thus the people well-being. Currently are active in the cities of Turin and Milan but is imminent also the opening in Bologna.

Ponyzero offers many services with efficiency and zero impact. For example the Last Mile for the last part of deliveries track; or the Pony Express service, which is suitable for individuals and small businesses, on call or on a subscription basis and with which you can book a pick-up of a shipment and its delivery directly online; they also are specialized in Food Delivery, both for restaurants, for hot or cold meal delivery services, and for foodstuffs sold also in e-commerce. Their percentage of deliveries on time is of 98%, with an average of 15 deliveries per hour. Besides costs for green deliveries are from 15% to 20% less than traditional ones. So we can say that ecosustainability is saving!