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Our partnership with Shibuse

18 April 2016

Shibuse choose The GreenWatcher to EcoAssess its suppliers

Shibuse is a fresh start up in the world of e-commerce and is the first online platform dedicated to green weddings. On their website you can find fancy sweet-boxes, invitations, jewelry, clothing, travel and gifts for the wedding list strictly eco-friendly.

The multi shop is the brainchild of Simona Cipollaro and Adriana Carpenzano, two young women attentive to sustainable development and web enthusiasts.

A few weeks after presentation are already so many vendors who have decided to join the platform, welcoming the start of the project with great enthusiasm. The smallest common denominators among these rather varied realities are: eco-sustainability not only as a working model but also as a real way of life; the promotion of Made in Italy, intended primarily as a quality handicrafts and handmade; creativity and originality; the "slowness", because quality takes time to be reached.

Shibuse chose The GreenWatcher EcoAssess to valorize and scientifically qualify the ecosustainability of its suppliers through our simple and easy tool. In this way, Simona and Adriana, are sure to give further eco-sustainability guarantees to all new future spouses who come to them for its own low environmental impact wedding.

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