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Recycling initiatives

11 July 2016

Eco-easy solutions of The GreenWatcher

Recycling is now essential to reduce waste and make more ecosustainable our planet. Billions of tons of waste are thrown away without thinking on their recycling, when instead they could be reused in large quantity to create new products, giving new life to old objects.

In the fight against waste green initiatives are promoted by many ecosustainable businesses and eco-friendly retailers. Some fashion brands, for example, offer customers vouchers to have a discount on the new purchases in exchange for old clothes that are returned to be recycled. So you save money on the wallet and help the environment as well.

For who instead does not want to spend money there is another eco-friendly solution: the flea market. Initiatives like these allow you to exchange unused goods through barter for other ones that you need without spending money.

Furthermore there are more initiatives promoting the use of special machines that incentive to recycling. These machines make out a discount voucher, usable within the shops supporting the system, on the basis of the plastic bottles or other recyclable waste that are delivered.

The GreenWatcher looks at the materials to assess the ecosustainability of retail businesses, rewarding who promotes and practices recycling. In the material sector of our EcoAssess and EcoOpinion users can give all the information on that.

If you know eco-friendly businesses that practice recycling send us your EcoOpinion and join TGW to spread the green!
If instead you are a company try our EcoAssess and certify your ecosustainability with the Certificate of Ecosustainability of The GreenWatcher!