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Rediscovering green practices from the past

12 September 2016

Step back to the past eco-sustainability

We always learn something new from our ancestors! Going back to the past to do better in the future is important also in the sustainable sector to learn good old green practices and spread them in the present to promote a sustainable development.

Eco-sustainability is not a modern invention. In the past our ancestors lived following ecosustainable lifestyles even if they did not have contemporary technologies, so looking at the past can be useful for present generations to understand the way to reduce our environmental impact on the earth.

For that reason Unesco founded in 2010 in Florence the Traditional Knowledge Institute, that preserves informations on the old green practices of our ancestors. The aim is recovering technological and ecologic systems of past societies to use them again in an innovative way.

Many modern efficiency systems are the evolution of ancient techniques. For example underfloor heating is not a new idea. In Domus Aurea of Nerone similar systems were used, certainly without the modern technology, but with solutions related to that time characterized by a low environmental impact.

Sustainable architecture exists from the past. Stones in Matera were excavated from the Neolithic with an inclination that ensured shadow in summer and let people enjoy the sunlight in winter. We do not need such big inventions, better we have to look more critically at the traditional knowledge to use it cleverly and to reduce the environmental impact of our actions.