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The role of technology in sustainable development

10 October 2016

Eco-sustainable technological advances

Spending time and money in technological researches and new technologies is important, but it is even more important to develop them in a sustainable way. Creativity, experimental researches and technological innovation are fundamental resources in order to guarantee a continuous evolution of a eco-sustainable society. Thanks to researches and technological innovation many sector have shown an incredible growth.

For example, if we focus on eco-sustainable architecture, many technologies such as solar active (photovoltaic panel and solar heating collectors) and passive (Trombe-Michel's wall, roof pond, greenhouses, sunshade...) systems, have allowed to project new self-sufficient buildings and is now possible to improve the energetic performance of the existing houses, which leads to a remarkable decrease of the bill expenses.

The introduction of household electric appliances of A or superior class in the market gave a great contribute to cut consumptions and therefore also the bill's expenses.The technological innovation made possible to create low-consumption light's sources that have also a smaller environmental impact. Obviously, it is not just a “eco-sustainable prospective” but also an economic one: in fact due to the technological advances the bill is cheaper.

The food and beverage industry also benefit of the R&D and technological progresses. In fact, in the recent years companies have found many innovative solutions and materials for the packaging of food and beverage. Organc food is a growing trend, consequently also the packaging has to be eco-friendly. Producers tend to utilize materials derived from vegetables sources, such as cornstarch, that, for instance, Mater-BI uses to produce biodegradable bags.

Finally, the sustainable-fashion industry is a huge sector in which the technologies make the difference! The creative and experimental efforts made by many fashion brands are infinite. Most of them have had great ideas and developed eco-sustainable, innovative and often from recycled materials textile that are produced through a green process.