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Simple ideas for creative recycling

12 December 2016

Innovation in an eco-friendly way

Everything we consume and throw away easily can be reused most of the time with a little of creativity and a good deal of imagination. In our articles we often underline the importance of recycling and reusing to reduce waste and promote a sustainable development. Today we want to suggest some simple ideas that will turn you into creative recycling masters. To be eco-friendly does not take much!

Do you have a bar or a restaurant? Well, certainly you will have many bottles to be disposed, like wine, beer bottles or other spirits. The most simple solution for recycling is using them as flower vases to decorate the tables of your premises and make them more attractive to customers. For the same use you can take tin cans for a country chic style or jars of jam as well. The keywords are easy, simple and ecosustainable!

Another idea for recycling jars of jam is reusing them instead of classic glasses to offer cocktails in an original way, very common now in many trendy bars that look at eco-sustainability. Furthermore you can create original lamps with the biggest jars, like those ones containing preserves, simply placing a candle inside. A green solution that will give your premises a warm and romantic atmosphere.

And if you are really looking for a romantic atmosphere, you can create elegant candlesticks with a little more effort, cutting glass bottles in such a way as to get bottoms where to place long and slender candles. Cutting bottles at the bottom and placing an energy-saving bulb inside you can get chic lamps to hang from the ceiling. On the market you can find bottle cutter that you can buy online as well without paying too much money.

Obviously not only glass bottles can be reused in an alternative way but also stoppers. Caps, corks or plastic stoppers can be recycled to cover with an innovative mosaic the top of an old table to be restored. The new eco-friendly mosaic is made of bottle caps! And patterns are the most various and imaginative. Recycling does not mean just giving another life to things but innovate in an ecosustainable way.