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Small actions in everyday life to be ecosustainable 2

29 February 2016

Sustainable development begins from below

You would like being ecosustainable but you don't know exactly what to do in everyday life, do you? You would like to have an eco-friendly lifestyle that doesn't destroy the environment but you don't know which is the best behavior, do you? We are already half way! Anyway you know that raw materials are not infinite, so we have to consume them moderately. For the rest if your common sense is not enough, we are here to help you with some green suggestions.

You should prefer small retailers or eco-friendly shops for your purchases and buying in big supermarket just when it is necessary. In this way you will do sustainable purchases without useless packaging that is the principal cause of waste production. So we will avoid the problem of waste disposal and we don't have to think about their ecological footprint connected to their production. Also we must keep in mind the fact that using resources for the production of something really necessary has a reason, because its life cycle can be very long. Energy for the production of packaging instead is wasted in a short time. Indeed packaging is necessary just to transport a product, support advertisements and for selling another object.

The same thing is true for shopping bags. Even if they are biodegradable and less harmful for the environment, they must be produced and when they are thrown away they must be transported. A small clever action is using cloth bags because they can be reused. This is just a simple suggestion to increase the sustainable development.

Then make separate waste collection: if you buy recyclable products, choose the right bin to dispose of them. Indeed if recyclable waste are not disposed in the right way then they won't be recoverable.

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And you, which green actions do you do in your daily life? Send us an EcoOpinion of a sustainable place where you have been. If instead you have a business, try our EcoAssess and get the Certificate of Ecosustainability by The GreenWatcher!