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Small actions in everyday life to be ecosustainable 3

2 May 2016

Sustainable development begins from below

Digital innovation in recent years has meant that some green actions are becoming (thank goodness) daily practice even for those who aren’t mad about eco-sustainability.
The most fitting example are electronic documents, e-mail use, electronic invoicing in place of the corresponding paper form. An Italian study carried out by Ceris-Cnr a few years ago estimated 1,2 million tons of paper consumed every year for the Italian offices, equivalent to the felling of 20 million of trees and 4 million tons of CO2 emissions. The same research says that the dematerialization in the only public administration would lead to a saving from 13% to 21% of the total paper consumption!
Send an e-mail instead of posting a letter is not yet ecosustainable enough for you? Add footnotes marked "Print this document only when absolutely necessary": it may seem only a mincing way but can really make us think if it really worth it or not click on «print».

Even the spread of car sharing is due to the advent of the internet and especially of the smart communications that increasingly are linked to the concept of sustainable development. The use of the same means of transport by more than one person reduces first of all production of goods and therefore the problem of waste disposal. Secondly, it has a smaller fleet by reducing parking problems and its land use and by reducing traffic problems and its pollution produced by cars turned on, in queue and stopped. But car sharing is not just sharing a car at different times; car sharing is also sharing the same means of transport at the same time among more people, to share the costs or just to get fellow travelers. When you can try to move to in this way, or use a public transportation...

Also the vintage in fashion and the modern antiques in design, although in vogue for different reasons, have a common matrix of environmental sustainability, that even if present, is not always at the center of attention. Anyway who retrieves a dress or a chair makes an eco-friendly gesture which is or is not aware. The real green action is to ask himself before throwing something if that particular item has truly exhausted its usefulness.

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Small actions in everyday life to be ecosustainable

Small actions in everyday life to be ecosustainable 2

And you, which green actions do you do in your daily life? Send us an EcoOpinion of a sustainable place where you have been. If instead you have a business, try our EcoAssess and get the Certificate of Ecosustainability by The GreenWatcher!