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Smart cities and eco-sustainability

3 December 2015

How The GreenWatcher platform fits in smart cities

The theme of smart city is becoming more and more popular but excluding urban planners, architects and experts of communication and new technologies, few know really what it is. We will try to explain in a few lines which are the targets of a smart city and some components of the varied puzzle that compose it.

The ultimate aim of these innovative cities is to improve the quality of life satisfying, in a sustainable way, the needs of citizens, businesses and institutions. To achieve this goal are put in relation three main elements: material infrastructures (for transport and mobility, for communications, etc.), social infrastructures (the connections between individuals within a community or a society) and the type and quality of the communications that take place between the first two.

For this reason a digital city with only physical infrastructure, although technologically advanced, cannot be said smart. It can potentially be if only citizens are motivated to exploit such facilities and they’re put in the condition to do so fast and easy through the new Information and Communication Technologies (known as ICT).

The GreenWatcher is only a tiny piece that using ICT brings people to eco-sustainability quickly and intuitively. The portal maps the eco-friendly world, first giving people an educational tool through the EcoOpinions and to the other side allowing commercial activities in the area to EcoAssess itself getting a Certificate of ecosustainability to enter in the largest world network of ecologic companies that auto-promote the green economy.

Thanks to data collected, regarding declared sustainability by companies and that is perceived by the users, the platform, is also a real Green Index, a practical guide for sustainable development that leads to smart city.

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