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Snowfarming: the latest innovation for the ecosustainable ski

9 January 2017

Technologies for the ecosustainability

Have you ever heard of snowfarming? It is the latest green innovation connected to one of the most beloved and practiced winter sports: ski. Exactly it is an ecosustainable system to keep the end-of-season snow so as to reuse it at the beginning of the next one. This method allows the preservation of snow apart from the weather conditions.

How does it work? The system is simple and totally eco-friendly because it does not require the use of chemical agents. The only thing to do is isolate the desired quantity of snow with geothermal towels and layers of sawdust. Afterwards the precious reserve will be processed when required to remove any ice blocks and it will be placed on the street, previously wet, by run-tracer.

No more artificial snow, but just the recycled one. And the advantages are for the environment, the ski resorts and the athletes as well. Thanks to this method ski resorts can open their activity beforehand even if the weather conditions are not favorable, limiting the use of artificial snow. In this way ski lovers will give vent to their passion without any renunciation.

In the north of Europe snowfarming has already spread from a few years, from Sweden to Finland and Switzerland too. Recently it is being tested also in Italy with excellent results and it can represent a valuable tool to attract tourism fond of mountain, winter sports and ecosustainability as well.

Snowfarming is not the only innovation speaking about ecosustainable ski. For all the eco-friendly athletes it could be interesting knowing that on the market there are snowboards and skis made of natural and recycled materials as highly professional as the traditional ones. Green spreads more and more and today everyone can make responsible choices. It is our business to make the right choice!