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Street food in Florence

26 December 2016

Healthy eating and eco-sustainability

Discovering the traditional food in Florence, after viewing the main urban markets, in this article we speak about street food to find out the eco-sustainability of our city from local food.

Street Food in Florence
Whether you need to grab a quick bite or just looking to taste an authentic lampredotto, Florentine street food is an eco-friendly resource often overlooked as being a helpful factor in the city sustainability. The street food throughout the city is sustainable due to the short supply chain where the customers interact directly with the people who cook their food. It is easy to see exactly what you are being served and how it is being prepared. Street food is efficient with the minimum amount of space and energy needed to run the business and minimal resources for serving the food. Depending on what you order, many food vendors will simply wrap the food in just a napkin. A lot of customers can be fed quickly with a small number of workers based on the fact that food is served right away and consumers can usually have a say in exactly what they want. Moreover, the plentiful varieties of vendors with reasonable prices allows for economic stability as many food stands can contribute to the economy and many people can afford them. Although street food can be found almost anywhere in Florence, here are a few of our suggestions:

Sergio Pollini Lampredotto
With a rating of 4.5 on TripAdvisor, this little tripperia is an affordable and high quality place to get some of the best Italian street food. Primarily serving lampredotto and trippa, you can buy a panino for just €3,50. With 3 cooks to fulfill the demand, this stand is fairly busy but did not have much of a line at all. It is quick and located in a piazza with a few other stands nearby.

All’Antico Vinaio
All’antico is a very highly rated street food provider that will usually have a line down the street of people anticipating the delicious food. It is centrally located not far from the river and has a draw to many different groups of people including students and tourists who want to experience the well-known food.

Amici Street Food
This small stand might just pop up on you if you are near the Santa Novella Station, it is very conveniently located on a street corner nearby. With it’s cheap prices, this is the ideal place to try some porchetta right when you get into the city. There are a surprising amount of choices for a stand with only one person working. It is very fast, easy for people on the run!