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A sustainable approach to waste management

27 November 2015

We are at the end of the 7th edition of EWWR, European week for waste reduction 2015, which is taking place throughout Europe until November 29th

On the occasion of this important initiative, strongly supported by the European Commission, we offer our point of view on dematerialisation which is the theme of this edition.
Dematerialization means optimize, as much as possible, the use of materials by removing or reducing the use of what isn’t necessary. Examples immediately understandable are the digitization of documents, which produces enormous savings of paper and clearly of all the energy required to produce it and less pollution for transport it; the share-economy that is sharing the same product among multiple users, which produces considerable saving of resources in the production of consumption goods; simplification of packaging, how many times have you asked yourself if it makes sense to open 2 boxes and discard 3 packages for eating your favorite cookie!

Therefore prevention, upstream waste reduction and reuse, but not only: also recycling plays a very important role in disposing of everything that is produced while following the rules above. We live in an age when we can’t certainly eliminate the consumption but we can certainly achieve it in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way.

In our previous post Did you know that the most users noticed eco-friendly thing is recycling? we already gave you some interesting data taken from the ones we are collecting. Now we would like to introduce one more, that seems to be essential for users who give EcoOpinions. Just a third of our EcoAssessed eco-friendly companies declares an over 70% recycling, whereas almost the half of people who give an EcoOpinion notice recycling facilities into the EcoOpinioned place.

So please, dear GreenWatchers, don't misunderstand the simple presence of of a recycling bin: the recycling process for a real ecologic company is much more than that! We also would like to give a suggestion to all companies that despite doing a great work on recycling, don't show it to customers: tell them what you're doing! Our Certificate of eco-sustainability is the ideal tool to show people invisible eco-friendly actions: for example, an eco friendly product shop hardly has recycling bins well visible, as they are not useful for customers as they are in a organic food bar.

If you want to know what The GreenWatcher's Certificate of eco-sustainability exactly shows you could find useful this post.