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The sustainable development of Morocco

22 May 2017

Good policies for environmental sustainability

Morocco has launched a sustainable development policy that is part of a long-term environmental strategy characterized by the protection of natural resources and ecosystems, the permanent state control of the environment at regional level and the operational planning aimed at improving the living environment of citizens.

The Country has established itself as one of the leading African nations for environmental protection and eco-friendly policies with high-profile projects that also attract large foreign capital from Europe, the USA and China. Two of them all are: the largest wind park in the continent and a huge solar thermodynamic system in the Sahara desert for which 2.6 billion dollars has been invested.

Another ambitious project of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Rabat in partnership with the German government plans to make green six hundred mosques in Morocco by 2019. It begins with big cities like Rabat, Fez, Marrakech, Casablanca with the first hundred religious Islamic buildings, but soon the green wave will also reach the small villages of the country.

The idea is simple: to install power systems for clean energy and hot water, to replace lighting systems with low-power and long-lasting lamps. Interventions that will reduce the electricity bill by 40%. Mosques are places of social aggregation and training, so they can become good example of sustainable architecture to be imitated for new constructions.

Another goal of the government is to be able to feed all state buildings with renewable energy by 2030. There are also investments to promote the sustainable tourism. They are little steps but “in the meantime we are doing that” as Said Mouline, the General Director of the National Agency for Renewable Energy Development and Energy Efficiency of Morocco, has declared.