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Sustainable ice-cream... what a joy !

13 March 2015

We're starting to sniff the smell of spring, so in this period a nice walk with a sustainable ice-cream is really the best...

Those who pay attention to the origin of food they eat, buy frequent artisan ice-cream respect industrial ice-creams. Moreover, who buy organic food wants to consume it during the whole year, prefering the healthier seasonal biologic food.
Choose an artisan biologic ice-cream shop that, beyond to be tasty is also sustainable! Consult our portal and search for those who have already EcoAssessed their business! It's an impartial and objective assessment based on real consumption data and on the activity's characteristics.

Lilla Glassfabriken in Malmo (Sweden), is an artisan ice-cream parlour that produces beautiful ice-cream cakes.
In Hamburg (Germany) Eis Schmidt produces ice-creams using just biologic natural ingredients, their milk comes from an farm that breeds the cows in an open space... so ecosustainable!
Flying in San Diego (USA), we find Gelato Vero Caffe, that offers vegetarian lunches and tasty biological sustainable ice-creams!

Do you have eat a good sustainable or biologic ice-cream? Give your EcoOpinion about a sustainable place within The GreenWatcher!