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7 October 2015
Startapp contest toscana

The GreenWatcher Wins StartApp Contest of Regione Toscana

The GreenWatcher is among the winners of StartApp Contest, the competition of Regione Toscana to promote the creation of new opportunities in the technological innovation. During the Internet Festival in Pisa, The GreenWatcher will be guest of Regione Toscana and will present its project Saturday, October 10 at 11 am in the Loggia dei Banchi. From 16.30 in SMSBiblio will be the award cerimony of StartApp Contest.

The GreenWatcher is the new way of sustainability through the active involvement of users and sustainable businesses. Users spread the green with their EcoOpinions and choose places according to an eco-sustainability criterium; business measure how sustainable they are with the EcoAssessment, receiving their Certificate of eco-sustainability.

The project was launched on Florence area in December 2014, with the ambition to become the tool for the sustainable use of the city for foreign and Italian touristsresidents, and all those people who enjoy the city for study or workBusinesses find in The GreenWatcher an innovative tools for the measurement and communication of environmental sustainability, with a service that encourages different categories (accomodation, catering, retail, crafts,...) to approach in a scientific way to sustainability and to evaluate in a more conscious their environmental impact.

The advantages of using The GreenWatcher are for the users the access to a single directory with the green offer, the opportunity to choose according to the principle of sustainability by comparing the offer, the possibility to exchange reviews with other customers and in the saving opportunity with Green Coupons offered by eco-friendly companies in a worldwide network.

Companies benefit from a self-service onlinefast and low cost tool to assess eco-sustainability and from the promotion carried out by the portal, which includes the selection of the market sensitive to green (B2C and B2B), the implementation of engaging and customer loyalty strategies, the construction and consolidation of eco-friendly reputation.

access to a single directory with the green offer, the opportunity to choose according to the principle of sustainability by comparing the offer, the possibility to exchange the view and in the saving opportunity in a worldwide sustainable circuit.
Companies benefits from a self-service online, fast and low cost; enter the promotion carried out by the portal, which includes the selection of the market sensitive to green (B2C and B2B), the implementation of engaging strategies and customer loyalty, the construction and consolidation of eco-friendly reputation.