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A sustainable trip to Central America

22 April 2015

For an ecotourism surrounded by nature

In South and Central America many hotel activities make practice tricks to increase the eco-sustainability of their business. This type of activity attracts sustainable tourism, a growing sector, due to the increasing attention that each of us addressed to the environment and its preservation.  This sustainability commitment of the hotels is really important in the places where the natural environment is as special as the Amazon rainforest and needs to be valued and preserved. 

To help consumers understanding the environmental commitment and to increase the sensitivity of the hotels managers and travelers to the enviromental sustainability we have created The GreenWatcher and his Certificate of Ecosustainability!

The Eco lodge Montecristo carried out the EcoAssessment sharing with us his sustainable commitment and getting the EcoScore (calculated through an objective analysis of the data provided by the operator during the EcoAssessment). This lodge is located within the "Montecristo Private Reserve" an important natural reserve in Nicaragua and is committed to improve the eco-sustainability of his business.

Analyzing the results of the EcoAssessment of this ecologic lodge surrounded by nature we find that performs 100% recycling while, to build the outfittings, they used the 70% of eco-friendly materials and uses 60% of eco-friendly products to operate.
The energy used by this eco lodge for its activities is 0.25 kWh / sqm while emissions for logistics supplies amounted to 0.50 kg CO2 / sqm.
The overall EcoScore obtained is 7.9!

We have already showed in another post El Abrazo del Arbol an eco lodge that made the EcoAssessment! Check out the results of its evaluation HERE!

Others ecologic hotels has received, by registered users of the portal, an EcoOpinion! The EcoOpinion through a short form which helps people to describe the ecologic aspects that can be seen around. Here there are two examples.

Hamadryade Lodge is an eco-friendly lodge located in Ecuador that make some technical adjustments to improve his eco-sustainability and proposes some outdoor activities in the forest.

Playa Viva is a small eco resort in Mexico with 8 rooms all with ocean views that only uses self-produced solar energy!

Are you a green traveler? Have you stayed at an hotel that is committed in a sustainable business? Share your experience with EcoOpinion!

Are you a hotel owner? Make the EcoAssessment of your business and you can be advertised through The GreenWatcher!