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Take away and environmental sustainable! - MILAN

6 February 2015

3 ecologic places in Milan recommended by The GreenWatchers!

Not the usual sandwich...
Frequently, during the week, we take a quick lunch with a sandwich... why not choose a places that offer a healthy and environmentally sustainable take away lunch?
That's good for the environment and also for your health!
3 places in Milan recommended by The GreenWatchers!

Via Cesare Correnti, 20 Milan MI
Franchising store that offer light and natural preparations for lunch and use takeaway packaging in biodegradable and compostable materials!
Via Meravigli, 16 Milan MI
Raw and vegan restaurant with also a take away menu consists in only organic food. Their menu help you to choose the lunch most suitable for us indicating the therapeutic properties of the ingredients included in each dish. Not lacking energy and natural drinks.
Via dell'Orso, 12 Milan MI
To make a good and natural lunch for people working, offers salads, soups and homemade smoothies, fresh and different every day!
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