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17 April 2017

The future economy for a sustainable development


Green economy is a model of economic development which comes from an analysis of the economic system that looks at the benefits of a certain production regime, like the increase of the Gross Domestic Product, and the environmental impact at the same time, or better the potential environmental damage caused by the entire raw material processing cycle.

This analysis suggests, as solution, economic, legislative, technological and public education actions promoting the sustainable development through the increase of energy efficiency, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the reduction of local and global pollution until the establishment of a real sustainable economy on global and lasting scale.

Green economy was born from a new way of making economy where finally competitiveness and eco-sustainability, that were in contrast until a few years ago, are interdependent. The mature and conscious idea of a green economy arrives in 2006 thanks to the report of Sir Nicholas Stern, the ex English chief economist of the World Bank.

He has proposed an economic analysis that evaluates the environmental and macroeconomic impact of recent climate change denouncing the negative weight on world GDP. He has declared that there is still time to avoid the worst but we need immediate actions by our governments and one of the main goals to reach is stabilizing Co2 emissions.

The report explains that we need to reduce by three quarters the potential emissions to get that, otherwise they would continue to accumulate at the current growth rate. But reducing Co2 emissions is not enough. Governments should curb the deforestation, which causes 18% of global emissions, more than those ones caused by transport systems.