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Temporary spaces and green events

29 March 2016

The certificate of sustainability by The GreenWatcher for your green events

The production of temporary spaces for fair and events is often quite carefree in terms of environmental sustainability. But green culture is moving and The GreenWatcher is ready to support it.

We increasingly hear about sustainable event, comforting sign of a growing public attention to the issue of ecosustainability so rich in implications also for marketing. With increasing sensitivity also grows the demand for sustainable standards: in many industries such as construction or as industrial design they laws are written or solutions are studied to ensure that, for example, sustainable architecture consumes less energy or the objects production can take place with less environmental impact.
In the world of events instead we limit ourselves, in most cases, to use recyclable plates and cups, offering organic food and not much else.

In reality the sore point for ecosustainable events, in their wider sense, are their temporary spaces (sets, stands, refreshment points, advertising installations, etc.) which commit a large amount of materials and processes and that, from an analysis a bit deeper, rarely are really green. In the best case, the most willing business use ecologic materials and furniture, trying to extricate himself in the wilderness of green certifications, obtaining a supply of variously certified materials and furnishings, but still not, probably, a really ecosustainable temporary space.
Certifications (voluntary and not regulated by laws in this field) guarantee the individual product or material for its features and its production methods, but do not consider, of course, their subsequent use.

The GreenWatcher, through his Certificate of Ecosustainability, provides an assessment in this sense that takes into account both the products and the exhibition in its entirety. The eco-sustainability control takes place on the entire process from the production, to the use and finally to the disposal of the set.

A simplified example may help us to understand better. Suppose you need to create an event that will take place within an exhibition made with 20 wooden panels, 300 chairs and 10 plasma screens. The panels are PEFC labelled, in other words made of wood from eco-managed forests. The chairs are Eco LABEL certified, that is produced without the use of substances containing lead and with at least 15% of the coating made recycling material. Screens are energy class A++ labeled.
Obvious that certified materials are the basis for an ecosustainable realization, but remain open at least 3 other key issues for the ecosustainability of the whole set. First the disposal of materials: what will happen to the PEFC panels? Will be reused or will be permanently disposed? Secondly the energy consumption for the installation, for the use and for the dismantling: the equipment used was energetically efficient? The screens were turned on only the strictly necessary? At the end the amount of emissions from logistics and transportation: I rented certificated chairs, but they travelled for 200 km with a truck ... As you see there are many factors in play.

The EcoAssess by The GreenWatcher takes into account the presence of eco materials, the amount of energy that the mounting will consume and the emissions during all phases of the exhibition. The method defines three scores which are then summarized in the EcoScore. The objective results are measured in percentages of materials, kWh/sqm of energy consumed and CO2/sqm weight produced, while the EcoScore is a pure number calculated on a scale from 0 to 10.
Ecosustainable businesses that will use it in the organization of their events or in the stands for their exhibitions, will demonstrate the effectiveness of their ecologic behavior and thus make more convincing their marketing communications and reduce costs too. To know more on this last point you can read our post Tools and information to save on operating costs

If instead you want to see an example quite virtuous check the Forum CompraVerde-BuyGreen record on our site which was held in Rome last fall.