Choose eco-sustainability, every day

Think green go green

19 December 2016

The right way to act for a sustainable lifestyle

Think green go green! This is our maxim. Train our minds to think in an ecosustainable way. Yes because act for ecosustainability does not require a great effort, sometimes small daily actions and simple precautions are enough. The point is primarily to correct habits and wrong lifestyles or better not eco-friendly. Reflecting on the consequences of our behavior first requires a greater commitment.

It is true as well that the multitude of commitments that characterizes our daily life often denies time for reflections and brings us to postpone our considerations on issues related to environment and its preservation. By now we need to reverse the trend and be aware that eco-sustainability has the primary importance. Steps forward have already been made but we can always do better.

It is talked about slow life, slow food, slow travel…slow seems to be the magic word. Maybe there is the necessity to slow down the pace at times and stop to think a few seconds more on our actions and their consequences in the surroundings. In fact think and behave in an ecosustainable way means take care of the environment and of us as well who are the inhabitants and consequently the main users of its resources.

Consciousness comes from culture, that is why it is important to promote policies and environmental campaigns. To know the damages that our actions may cause to the environment can be an incentive to act in an eco-friendly way. Eco-sustainability must be the goal to keep in mind to ensure a livable planet to the present and future generations. And for that it requires the contribution of all of us.

We must learn to think over before making our purchases and buy just what we need to avoid waste. Pay attention to packaging of products that we take trying to choose the recyclable ones. Think about the new way to use things before throwing them away. Prefer saving to excess consumption and correct our behavior if we realize that it is not eco-friendly. Think slow but first think green!