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Today we speak about… sustainable development

29 March 2016

Sustainable development for present and future generations

Today promoting ecosustainability for a sustainable development is crucial. It is essential a sustainable way of thinking and acting that considers some factors like energy efficiency, resource optimization, waste management for recycling and reusing of waste material, if we do not want to live in cities like Leonia, described by Italo Calvino in his book “The invisible cities”:

...the more Leonia expels goods, the more it accumulates them; the scales of its past are soldered into a cuirass that cannot be removed. As the city is renewed each day, it preserves all of itself in its only definitive form: yesterday's sweepings piled up on the sweepings of the day before yesterday and of all its days and years and decades. Leonia's rubbish little by little would invade the world, if, from beyond the final crest of its boundless rubbish heap, the street cleaners of other cities were not pressing, also pushing mountains of refuse in front of themselves.

A sustainable development is important because it allows to make progress respecting environment and people, improving their quality of life and satisfying the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. For that reason it is important makes aware all humanity of the ecosustainability because she is responsible of making sustainable the development.

Therefore the sustainable development is an economic, environmental and social progress together, because only the economic growth is not enoght to ensure a better quality of life that lasts. So a lot of businesses are choosing to be green: sustainable restaurants, sustainable hotels, eco-friendly shops. The ecosustainability is spreading more and more and is involving also the sectors of fashion and design with creativity and innovations, achieving excellent results.

For interested companies The GreenWatcher provides their own tools releasing even a Certificate of Ecosustainability and, to know more, from now you can also see the new dedicated page www.ecosostenibilità.it dedicated to ecosustainability and savings in operating costs for the activity that choose to be green.