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Today we speak about…green purchases

9 May 2016

Green purchases to suite all tastes

Today if you want green products you can pick and choose! The offer is wide and it is constantly increasing. For who prefers making eco-friendly purchases there is plenty to choose from: organic foods, ecosustainable design and ecologic clothes.

It is true that the prices of these products are not so cheap, but more and more people give signs of preferring a healthy eating and quality products even if this involves spending more money. On the other hand also companies are working to market, for example, organic foods with reasonable prices.

Then there are purchasing groups whit who you can buy eco-friendly products saving money because goods are purchased by a consumer group directly from the producer avoiding middle paths. Purchasing groups are often also jointly responsible because they are generally supplied by small producers, supporting SMEs. Besides they are ecosustainable thanks to the principles which they choose products with.

Making ecosustainable purchases is important because it helps to spread a sustainable development, or better, a development that respects environment and people.

Also fashion and design now offer a wide selection of quality products that are eco-friendly. In these sectors the ecosustainable approach has been an incitement for creativity and innovation.

Who is interested in green purchases can take a look at the guides on our website to find out the better shop for ecosustainable purchases in some italian cities.
If instead you are a business that sells eco-friendly products, The GreenWatcher provides their own tools releasing even a Certificate of Ecosustainability. For further information you can also see the new page www.ecosostenibilità.it dedicated to ecosustainability and savings in operating costs for the activity that chooses to be green.