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Today we talk about… sustainable companies

21 March 2016

The companies conversion to the green

Today more and more companies choose the ecosustainability. Especially accommodation and commercial activity are converting to green to face customers more exigent that also looks at the environmental sustainability. Environmental damage caused by humans and campaigns for sustainable development are sensitizing people to take care of their area and avoid further harm on it.

Restaurants, hotels, businesses become sustainable companies: organic restaurants offering menus based on organic food from an agriculture responsible; eco-friendly hotels that aim at energy saving through appropriate solutions, that use led lights for lighting and that replaced the old keys with magnetic cards for turning on lights and air conditioning systems to prevent waste; healthy meals stores where you can find a wide range of quality of organic food to satisfy the most different needs.

Many businesses choose to be ecosustainable at 360°. Restaurants, shops and bars especially in addition to offering organic food and ensure a natural and healthy eating designing even the interior in green style. This new trend has generated innovative and ecosustainable solutions from the world of design, which made of recycling and reuse of objects and materials the new trend for interiors, contributing sometimes at considerable savings.

This shows how sustainable development is spreading, from the needs of the few who then also affect those of others, until you reach large numbers and to be accepted by the majority of companies. For this reason, it is important to continue the promotion of ecosustainability and in this area The GreenWatcher is in the front row.

For interested companies The GreenWatcher provides their own tools releasing even a Certificate of Ecosustainability and, to know more, from now you can also see the new dedicated page www.ecosostenibilità.it dedicated to ecosustainability and savings in operating costs for the activity that choose to be green.