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Top 5 best sustainable hotel!

22 June 2015

Discover the most sustainable hotel of the world!

Summer is coming! Have you decided where to go to relax and enjoy yourself while respecting the environment?
We thought that we can help you to choose where to stay making a ranking of sustainable hotels with higher EcoAssessment on The GreenWatcher!

5° :
Casa vacanza Buontalenti with an EcoScore of 7.7 
Via Pietro Metastasio, Firenze IT

Montecristo Private Reserve and EcoLodge with an EcoScore of 7.9 
Rio San Juan, Nicaragua

Pululahua Hostal Ecolodge with an EcoScore of 8.1 
Puluahua Geobotanical Reserve Quito EC

AIRONE Country House with an EcoScore of 8.1
Via Chiaravallese, 154 Osimo IT

Otorongo Amazon River Lodge and Expeditions with an EcoScore of 8.4 
Amazon River Oran las Amazonas PE

Tarchon with an EcoScore of 8.8 
Via Giampietri Leoni, 18 Tarquinia IT

Click on the names of these sustainable hotels to read the details of their EcoAssessment they have carried out on The GreenWatcher!
The EcoAssessment is an objective analysis of fuel consumption and sustainable practices implemented by the business that automatically calculates the EcoScore. This number (from 0 to 10) helps us to summarize the characteristics of energy consumption, the type of materials used, the methods of waste disposal and emissions produced by the movement of goods and products that are used and sold by the business.
The EcoScore can always be improved. It is possible to upgrade your EcoAssessment when you start a new environmental friendly practice!

The activities who made the EcoAssessment receive an email with the Certificate of eco-sustainability that contains the EcoScore which can be printed and exposed to share the sustainable commitment with customers!

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