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US businesses are evaluating their enviromental sustainability

20 March 2015
It is important to communicate the ecosustainability!

It is important to communicate the eco-sustainability!

In the last years, all over the world is increased the number of businesses that try to have a sustainable behavior, respectful for the environment. Everyday lots of new commercial activities decide to use sustainable ways to manage their company, and that is very important for the environment and for the quality of our daily life!
Some US businesses are interested in organic and sustainable principles, so they've signed up to The GreenWatcher and have done their EcoAssessment.

The EcoAssessment is an easy and fast manner for the companies that want to let the consumers share in the management of their ecosustainable activities, regarding some main areas: materials used and/or sold, waste management, energy consumption and CO2 emissions. These data are summed up in an unique number: the EcoScore... if you want to know something more about the calculation system of the EcoScore click HERE!
The Certificate of ecosustainability, including the achieved EcoScore, is sent via email after the EcoAssessment and is ready to be printed and showed to the clients, in order to be recognizable as an eco-sustainable business.
Let's discover together two selected sustainable companies that are making efforts to communicate and optimize their environmental impact, so where it's possible to have an aware and sustainable meal!


Carmo is a sustainable restaurant based in New Orleans, that offers food coming from different culinary traditions. From their EcoAssessment, we can see the excellent waste management (95% of recycling) and the high percentage of eco-friendly materials used for the outfittings (95%), moreover they use the 68% of eco-products. The energy consumption used to manage the activity is equal to 1.61 kWh/sq m. The emissions due to logistics of the supplies (transport from the supplier to the store) are equal to 0.55 Kg CO2 / sqm, and it's relevant to highlight that this eco-sustainable business prefers Zero-miles and local products, coming from -at most- 100 km away. The total EcoScore is 7.4, a good result!

No Bones About It is an sustainable food truck based in Seattle, that serves vegan food. The activity uses just organic products, offering a little part of their earnings to animal-rights organizations.
Analyzing in details their EcoAssessment regarding eco-friendly materials, products and waste management, we can see that the business recycles the 100% of wastes, the 50% of the total goods they uses/sells are eco-friendly and makes use of ecologic systems for the water recovery and saving. The emissions due to logistics are equal to 0.55kg CO2 / sq m, while the business' energy consumption are 0.29 kWh / sq m. The total EcoScore is 7.7, an excellent result!!

Did you see how easy is to communicate your sustainable committment? What are you waiting for? Try it now!