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17 June 2015

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Are you a trendsetter of eco-sustainability? You care about the environment? Have you notice the eco-friendly tricks of the commercial activity that you visited?
You are the right person to be a Social Official GreenWatcher!

Participates in the contest that will elect the new Social Official GreenWatchers. In this way you can help others people choosing more easily where to buy sleep drink / eat / enjoy and more, respecting the environment!

At the end of August, the users with the highest number of EcoOpinions will become the official testimonials of The GreenWatcher, the crew of Sustainability. Your profile may be visible on this page together with the best sustainable bloggers on the net!

With more EcoOpinions, it will be easier for you to become a member of our team. Do you know what it is an EcoOpinion? Discover it HERE!

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