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What is the difference between organic shops and eco -friendly shops

15 February 2016

One can even exclude the other but together constitute the true green shop

It's always hard to find the definitions in the diversified world of eco-sustainability; sometimes you don't need but often bring clarity, helps less experienced users to extricate themselves between ecosustainable businesses or those pseudo.

For us of The GreenWatcher basic difference is between the contents and the container. The organic store identifies itself primarily in its products. The restaurant will offer healthy meals, supermarket organic food or products and retail shop ecologic clothing, just to name a few categories. Eco -friendly shops come with all those green measures dictated by sustainable architecture or more generally oriented towards ecosustainability, such as lighting or more generally systems with low energy consumption, the use of natural materials in the interior or the use of objects from recycling. It also made careful waste separation.

What the optimal green solution is you guessed it yourself... the combination of the two things: sustainable business that offer eco friendly products!

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