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What we mean when we talk about sustainable fashion

15 February 2016

The idea of sustainability in fashion planet

Try to ask to different green experts what does it means sustainable fashion and you will get many responses for how many people have asked: do you know... fashion is also personal expression.

Some of them will reply you that is based on the production of ecologic clothes made of natural materials; others will add the fair trade component and will call it ethical clothing; still others will say that is the one offered by eco -friendly shops, having in mind a specific target of different people, also different from answer to answer: from hippies to hipsters, from freak until radical-chic; the fashion victims will answer back, not without reason, by listing the numerous initiatives put forward by the big brands, many of them real ecosustainable business.

Definitively, and that's what matters most to us of The GreenWatcher, although the fashion itself is subjective or otherwise can be a variable concept, is becoming transversely ecosustainable. For example some green fabric can be used both by creative eco -friendly shops to dress few selected people from big brands to dress up the mass.

Thanks to the increasing demands of consumers, become more critical and careful, the future of fashion planet can't move in a different direction from the one suggested by sustainable development doing ecologic clothing one of its main warhorses.

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