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When green is healthy

27 March 2017

Eco-sustainability as therapy

Could you imagine that just walking in a park you can reduce your negative thoughts? Well it is so! A study of the University of Stanford affirms it. It does not matter if you are in a wood or in an urban park, the important is that it is a green place that makes you forget the stress of the city.

Nature never ceases to amaze! A reason more to make our cities greener. The sustainable development is the only possible way to guarantee the wellbeing of nature and consequently our physical and mental health. Also science is on our side! It is time to act but in an ecosustainable way.

Then this study is not only a point more in support of the ecosustainability, but it can open new frontiers in the development of activities that use the immersion in nature as therapy. The 50% of the population of the planet lives in city and considering the fact that the urbanization is one of the causes that increases the number of people suffering from mental disorders, we have to support this research.

Scientific studies on the advantages of the contact with nature on physical and mental health are increasing. Confirmations on the study of the University of Stanford come also from a Japanese research revealing that levels of stress hormone are lower in people that walk in green areas.

Actually a recent research of the University of Melbourne, published on Environmental Psychology, affirms that just looking at a picture for a few seconds can bring benefits. For example if we make a break while we are doing some difficult exercises, after 40 seconds spent looking at the picture of a green garden our performances will improve for sure.