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Why should I choose eco-sustainability?

9 December 2015
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Or why the ecosustainable choice has became compulsory

Thoughts towards a sustainable development take start from the awareness of an exponential increase of human population and about the spread of a consumer lifestyle for a more and more significant number of people in our earth. For all these reasons, now it’s occurring a depletion of not-renewable resources (at first fossil fuels) and so high uses of those renewable that a normal regeneration is not possible (deforestation is a clear example regarding to). A real sustainable development, not just economic but social too, is the one that conjugates the generalized and growing need of wealth (as also quality of life) with the supply of resources that we have on earth, guaranteeing however their disposition in time for future generations. The whole process is activated by three main factors: economy, environment, social area. Economic development in a classic way provides the production of a value. Sustainable development in the quantification of that value considers also the impacts of the deterioration that activity determines in a given ecosystem. Environment role is passive, if we can say that, in the sense that in order to guarantee sustainability we have to manage it in a correct way. The consumption of renewable resources must not overcome regeneration taxes, while that of not-renewable resources shouldn’t overcome the development speed of substitutive resources. Besides the pollutant elements mustn't exceed the environment absorption coefficient. It’s clear that the first two actors without the active role of the third are useless among the accompanying and allowing of the new course. Moving on a ecosustainable direction means to realize the aware participation of factories, citizens, consumers and governments.

The GreenWatcher deals with the eco-sustainability theme in a fast and intuitive way through EcoOpinions and EcoAssessment. The first are given from you users about all the places you visited to while the second are compiled from our factories that, doing so, receive a Certificate of Ecosustainability with a score got through our algorithm. Would you like to know how it works? Read our post Ecosustainability has become easy.