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Why should we buy an electric car?

6 March 2017

The advantages of a sustainable mobility

First of all for an issue of eco-sustainability. An electric car pollutes much less than traditional ones. The emissions of CO2 connected to an electric vehicle depend exclusively on the process to generate electricity to make it work. More we depend on coal to produce energy, more electric cars can not be with zero emissions.

Secondly the electric car emits around 21 decibels against the 60 decibels of a traditional mean, or rarther the 56% less. Even if we are not able to see acoustic emissions, they can represent a danger to human health. Half of the urban population of European Union is regularly exposed to a noise level above 55 decibels. This condition can provocate health problems.

An advantage more connected to the electric vehicles is the economic saving. Investing in green is convenient. It is calculated that driving an electric car allows you to save around the 49%. Costs for the property tax, insurance, maintenance services and refueling are really halved. Then we have to add the advantage for entering in ZTL areas and for free parking in blues stripes.

Also the maintenance of an electric car is more convenient. The budget for the maintenance of a car is around 800 euros for year. Generally the cutting drive of an electric vehicle costs from the 35% to 45% less than the other cars. Furthermore we must consider that fact that electric cars have such a low wear compared to the traditional vehicles.

Another advantage is the car-sharing, a way to move efficient and ecosustainable. It consists of sharing a car with the collectivity. Today drivers that want to use this eco-friendly service can rent an electric car by app for smartphones as well.