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Wood as sustainable building material

6 February 2017

Green building: pros and cons

Wood is a natural, regenerable and recyclable material. For these features in the last years its use has become widespread in the sustainable architecture, for structural constructions and decorations and it remains one of the principal material to create interior eco-friendly furniture. So we decided to assign an article to this precious resource so much appreciated.

If on one hand wood is one of the most ecosustainable material on the other hand we have to keep in mind that its use has caused the deforestation of entire  areas provoking irreversible damages to the environment and natural ecosystems. But steps forward to solve this problem have been made!

For example we can mention international certifications like FSC o PEFC, acronyms respectively of Forest Stewardship Council and Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes. They identify products made with wood from forests managed in ecosustainable way.

Then we do not have to forget that one of the main features of wood is being recyclable. With regard to that, we mention also the FSC-Recycled certification, used to label products made of 100% recycled wood, of which at least 85% is post-consumption, namely that one recovered from objects that after their use would be disposed of in tip.

A partial solution to the problem of deforestation could come from research and innovation to improve, for example, the features of some kinds of wood, less valuable and less common, in such a way as to avoid the excessive exploitation of those ones most used. Hope is the last to die! Thinking about a sustainable development we confide that in future green solutions will have the better.