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Yoga and fitness: keeping fit in a sustainable way!

1 June 2015

Where you can make an ecologic work out

After many years inventing ways to less fatigue and to make less exercise we realized that playing sports is essential for our mental and physical health!
For this reason are born many gyms specialized in different areas from aereobics to the psycho-physical disciplines finalized to meditation and relaxing like yoga.
Certainly this type of activity does not take place at no cost to the environment especially with regard to the energy consumption of machines and powerful lights needed. A policy of containment of consumption may significantly affect the environmental problems.

Some gyms are trying to become more environmentally friendly! With The GreenWatcher it is easier to find sustainable gym where to train respecting the environment, thanks to our EcoOpinion made by our GreenWatchers!
Let's look at three examples of gyms reviewed on the portal.

"LE TIGRE YOGA CLUB" is a center specialized in teaching yoga located in Paris. In this center, decorated and illuminated in a sophisticated way and with natural materials, you can also enjoy organic drinks and snacks to recharge yourself after exercise.

The "Palestra Arrampicata Codroipo", in the province of Udine (Italy), was born with a system of photovoltaic panels integrated into the roof of the building. These panels make the building energetically independent and also ensure lighting and heating with a very low level of consumption waste, in addition to this any energy produced in excess is sold to the general network! The gym is dedicated to preparatory activities to alpine sports.

In addition to the energy consumption in the gyms there is also a waste of kinetic energy produced by the people who train hard to get in shape. Not to waste energy Adam Boesel, an American personal trainer, has created a method for recovery this energy.
His gym "EcoPower Fitness", located in Portland, use the kinetic energy of the movements of athletes, produced using the fitness machines, in particular the dynamo of exercise bikes, to power electric appliances thus decreasing the weight of bills and increase the eco-sustaianbility of the business! The gym is also equipped with photovoltaic panels and try to reduce energy waste, recycling paper and turning off lights when rooms are not in use.

Search on our map and choose the gym that suits you best!

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