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Certificate of eco-sustainability

16 December 2014

Show people how much ecologic your business is

Companies that have carried out their EcoAssessment will receive by email their Certificate of eco-sustainability. The Certificate guarantees the company's committment for environment and clearly shows the name of the place and the day when the EcoAssessment has been carried out.
The Certificate of eco-sustainability is obtained only through an objective analysis of data required by EcoAssessment, so that guarantees the owner with a scientific, objective and univocal result.
Furthermore, it is possible to carry out a new EcoAssessment every time some new eco-action has been adopted, in order to receive an updated Certificate of eco-sustainability. Changed the old bulbs with new eco-friendly ones? New km0 suppliers? It's time to repeat your EcoAssessment to calculate environmental improvements of your business!
How do I read the Certificate of eco-sustainability?
Besides the company's name and the day of the EcoAssessment, in the Certificate of eco-sustainability you will see three images (the box, the bulb and the cloud) that indicate the three sections analyzed by EcoAssessment: materials, energy consumption and emissions due to logistics.
Near each entry you will see the calculation results elaborated by EcoAssessment algorithm. The "materials" section (the box) is divided into three entries: "eco-friendly materials" indicates the percentage of eco-friendly materials used for interior space set-up; "eco-friendly goods used and sold" refers to what you sell or use in your business, and "recycling" indicates how much you recycle. The energy consumption section (the bulb) indicates your company's consumptions, with a result given as kWh/sq.m. The last entry, the cloud, gives you the results about the emissions due to logistics of your activity, calculated in CO2/sq.m.
At the bottom of the page your EcoScore is well visible. To learn more about calculation system and analyzed sections click here.
The Certificate of eco-sustainability you receive by email is ready to be printed and shown to customers, to make your business recognizable as eco-friendly!

EcoAssess your business now!
Along with your Certificate of eco-sustainability you will alsoreceive a widget, with your EcoScore on, to be used in your digital and printed communication: email, blog, website, brochures, invites. You can also print it and attach in a place where people can easily see it, at the entrance door or on your shop window!