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24 February 2015

The Greenwatcher, eco-sustainability for people and SMEs

Over 300M of people in Europe are eco-friendly consumers, and more than 5M of SMEs produce and offer eco-sustainability. Neverthless, a univocal criterion through which consumers can judge what is eco-friendly, and companies assess how much they are eco-friendly is missing. The GreenWatcher is dedicated to all businesses whose spaces are open to public and caracterized by the activity itself, and to all customers willing to choose the greenest places where to eat, shop, sleep and have fun.

Many are talking about eco-sustainability, but a very few operative tools are available for companies and customers to make something real to help the environment, preserve our health and save on costs.
The GreenWatcher aim is this: to give everyone the opportunity to make real eco-friendly actions. On one hand, people can share the eco-sustainability they see in living spaces every day, helping to create an interactive green map which can be use by everyone who wants to choose according to sustainability criteria; on the other hand, SMEs are able to scientifically self-assess their eco-sustainability, eventually improve it, save on costs and be more competitive.

The system is clear and fast, and can be self managed online by public and companies. EcoOpinions represent what people see, and stimulate businesses (shops, restaurants, hotels, offices, clubs, etc.) to make a real action, the EcoAssessment, to measure and communicate their environmental committment.
Once carried out its EcoAssessment, the company receives its Certificate of eco-sustainability, an effective tool of green marketing and certification to be displayed to customers. At the same time, The GreenWatcher manages social, PR and marketing campaings to promote green businesses and share them on the biggest eco-friendly map ever.

The GreenWatcher's eco-sustainability, far from the existing model, based on complex standards and on certifications made by external professionals, is clear and fast, ready to be used by everyone without intermediary. 
A big effort has been carried out to create an eco-sustainability objective assessment method, which is now at everyone's disposal for free to maximize its spread.
The GreenWatcher uses a calculation system based on a ever improving algorithm, which allows to objectively measure, through a self-service online wizard, the eco-sustainability of any activity. The certificate, automatically sent to the company at the end of the EcoAssessment, features an EcoScore from 1 to 10 that summarizes the calculation results. Analytical results are always displayed in clear terms of  kWh/sqm, CO2 , kind of materials used in the interior space set up, waste disposal methods.

Could you name a sustainable initiative you were involved in over the last few years that stuck in your mind? We asked ourselves this very question. And we found the following answers: collecting waste in a different way; travelling by bicycle instead of by car; using energy-saving lamps.
What is the point? Maybe, in order for it to work, eco-sustainability needs to be engaging, simple and immediate. It could even be fun.
That's why The GreenWatcher was born!