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The GreenWatcher has changed!

10 June 2015

The new realease has new important tools

The GreenWatcher project evolves and also the portal changed! We decided to give more importance to the EcoOpinions of the GreenWatchers to involve you more and more in the creation of the map of sustainable places and encourage ecologic companies to do their best for the environment and to better communicate their sustainable commitment.

This is a short guide to the innovations that you will find:

1_ Even the EcoOpinion, from today, gives a decimal score from 0 to 5 based on specific questions regarding sustainability of the business analyzed.
The questionnaire compiled, through an algorithm developed by our team, scientifically determines the score. In this way, the opinions of customers gaining in importance and clarity!

2_ We welcome Official GreenWatchers! Who are them? They are bloggers and trendsetter that now collaborate with us realizing the EcoOpinions of places and sustainable business they know! They will help us to discover new activities due to their high level of involvement in the issues of environmental sustainability, the responsible and sustainable tourism, tourism marketing and social networks.

3_ Different colors between EcoAssessment and EcoOpinion. To understand the difference between the votes that come from these two different analyzes, both rigorous and systematic, they now have different colors: the EcoOpinions will have the score colored in red while EcoAssessments will be blue!