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How can I improve my EcoScore?

3 December 2015

Ecologic tips for your business

There are many actions that will bring your company to improve your eco-sustainability. With a few simple adjustments you can improve your EcoScore, that means making right for the environment and for people. The following tips are just suggestions: let us know what you are doing!


  • Choose eco-friendly furnitures, with a environmental label when possible.
  • Choose furnitures and materials toxic components free.
  • Even if not compulsory, choose paper or biodegradable packagings and shopping bags. Personalize them with your company name to highlight your environmental commitment.


  • In your shop, club or bar (or whatever your business is!) arrange a separate waste collection bin, better if aesthetically pleasing.
  • Reuse old paper to take notes on.
  • Arrange a plastic-free water distribution system. In many Countries tap water is commonly served in restaurants, in nice glass bottles and glasses.
  • Replace plastic consumables with eco-friendly, recyclable or biodegradable ones. Choose the right materials to get a beautiful aesthetic result and considerably decrease rubbish!
  • If local laws compels you to use disposable glasses, then put a huge separate waste collection bin in plain view, and suggest customers to use the same plastic cup for the second drink refill!


  • Where possible, install energy-saving systems (e.g. presence detectors, light authomatic switching off, timers, etc.)
  • Start to gradually replace oldest and energy wasting appliances with new and eco-friendly ones.


  • Choose local suppliers and goods to reduce distances and emissions.


  • Communicate to your customers your invisible efforts. Do you sell local or km0 products? Then write it on the menu or on the shop shelf, along with the producer name and the origin place. Does your energy supply come from renewable power sources, or did you installed a photovoltaic system on your roof? Tell your customers by writing it in a place where everyone can see it. People will appreciate.

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