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How can we recognize eco-sustainability?

25 May 2015

Together we can find the more eco-friendly business!

Recognizing the eco-sustainability of a business is a easy thing to do! Simply looking carefully at what is around us we can all be GreenWatchers!
Because it's so simple it can be a funny game to play with children to teach them the importance of the eco-sustainability of our every day actions! Beginning to understand the true meaning of eco-sustainability since childhood, children learn a different way of living and behaving with regard to nature, consumption and environmental pollution.

One of the tools that the team of The GreenWatcher has created: the EcoOpinion allows you to analyze the characteristics of the environmental sustainability of a place, helps you in this analysis through its questionnaire and lets you share your analysis with other people around the world. This also is intended to give awareness to people so they become able to understand how to be more sustainable, starting from small steps: eg. how to recognize a saving light bulb, note managers communications about eco-sustainability, etc.

In order to evaluate the eco-sustainability of a space from the point of view of the energy consumption we can analyze the type of lighting and the type of lamps used; apart from all the old incandescent and halogen lamps, there are many other types of saving energy and LED bulbs! Of great importance for the analysis is the use of renewable resources and of self-produced electrical energy.

In addition to how energy is produced it's important to note also if save energy devices are put into practice, for example in places where people do not remain for long time. It's easy to see it when we go to the toilet facilities: if the light goes on when we enter or turn off after a short time (timed light). 

The analysis of the materials used to set up the business helps us to understand their characteristics which may be very different: recycled or recyclable furniture, with eco-labels, in natural and organic materials. Some types of material, such as wood and plastic, can be easlily recognized also by children who can learn something new!

The nature of used and sold products contributes to define the level of environmental sustainability of the same; read labels, signs hanging and menus help us understand how much operators are committed to the environment. Even the packaging makes a difference and we can notice it immediately when we buy something! 
The use of recyclable materials such as paper bags or envelopes of already recycled paper is certainly the most popular method to avoid using plastic bags, also remove the external packaging in cardboard and the use of compostable materials cut down the footprint on the environment of the stores.

We also analyze the logistics of the place to understand how far away come the raw materials used and the products sold, we can get this information by reading on the canned product packaging or on the labels of fresh food in which city that are produced. When we enter or we leave a business, if we pay attention, we often see parked near it the van / car / bike of the business... it is a low emissions vehicle? Very often we read on the vans that operate with natural gas!

And what about us? How did we get there? Often you can get a local public transport and in other cases the owner provide a shuttle service! These different means of transport have, of course, a different footprint on the environment!

Finally do not forget that the easiest way to understand how a product or activity is sustainable is talk to the owner who will certainly be glad to tell you about his environmental commitment!  With this idea we interviewed some sustainable activities! Read HERE one of our interviews and look at the other in the news!

Do not forget to make an EcoOpinion! If you have any problems, please send us an email!