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18 November 2014

Have you noticed something green around you, and you want other people to know it?

Registered users can give their EcoOpinion on the eco-sustainability they notice around in the places they go to.

EcoOpinion is given through a short form which helps people to describe the green aspects that can be seen around by everybody. The same aspects are in depth analized by companies through their EcoAssessments: energy, materials, waste management, logistics. In order to make a better description of spaces, tags can be used, as well as a short review. A picture is appreciated.

Just pay a bit of attention: it will be easy to notice if a place is somehow ecosustainable. Are there separate collection bins? Are lighting spots of the energy-saving kind? Do they serve tap water in glass bottles? All of these features are clear signs of environmental attention, and they are probably matching with an eco-friendly management of the place you are in. EcoOpinions are displayed on the company profile along with its EcoScore, if it has already been entered. If it has not been entered, the company will only be displayed through the EcoOpinions of the users.

EcoOpinion are allowed also about places where no green has been noticed. Just because eco-sustainability is not visible doesn't mean it doesn't exist: in these cases the owner will be invited to make his EcoAssessment, and for the future to try to communicate how much eco-friendly his company is.

Your EcoOpinion is priceless for people and for the environment. Every new EcoOpinion expands the green map and helps other people to make eco-friendly choices. It spreads eco-sustainability and contributes to its improvement.

Add a new eco-action to your daily list: become a Green Watcher! Share your EcoOpinion, together we can make a green difference!

You just have to make the greenest choice
The map, the searching engine, and the Eco-sustainability certificate

The GreenWatcher map shows all the places around you, which have an EcoScore or at least one EcoOpinion. You can use our green map from mobile devices, too. The pink eyed balloon indicates places with EcoOpinions only; the green balloon with the EcoScore inside means they have made their EcoAssessment.

The GreenWatcher helps you to find the greenest places around you for shopping, accommodation, eating or just spending your time. Look for those places showing The GreenWatcher Eco-sustainability Certificate: you'll know you are in a eco-friendly place.

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