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18 November 2014

EcoAssessment, the self service online tool to measure businesses eco-sustainability

The GreenWatcher is dedicated to all businesses whose spaces are open to public. Some examples: shops, artisan businesses, offices, professional bureau, hotels and all kind of accommodation, restaurants, clubs, bars, gyms, schools, temporary exhibition spaces, festivals, events.

The EcoAssessment form takes into account the use of materials and waste management, energy consumption and emissions linked to the logistics of your activities, on an surface basis (total sq.m of the analyzed place).

Energy consumption section
The first part of the form is dedicated to the electrical consumption analysis. Standard appliances are already listed, and you will just have to indicate their number. Some free fields are available for you to indicate special electrical appliances and machines not already listed. Of all of those, you will be asked to give a name and to indicate the consumption (kWh). It is possible to separate always-on appliances and not-always-in-use appliances. The result is given as kWh/sq.m.

Materials and waste management section
Here you will be asked to indicate, as a percentage of the total, the typology of used materials and waste management. Interior space set up materials (interior finishing, furnishings, furnishing accessories, furnitures) and sold/transformed products and goods are analyzed (e.g. ingredients for a restaurant, raw materials for an artisan, cosmetics for a spa).

Both these kind of materials contribute to make a business eco-friendly, and they are essential to assess its environmental performance. One can surely sell biologic products, but it would be better to do it in a toxic free shop!

This section also analyses waste management and used products collection or recycling initiatives. Wastes taken into account are of the solid kind, i.e the ones wich most of all condition our nearest eco-system. Solid wastes turn up in our town local landfill: controlling and limiting them means eventually reducing garbage and taxes. The result is given as percentage of the total used goods, materials and recycling.

Emissions section
You will be asked to indicate the average distance of the supplier base for goods and products used in your activity. It is possible to indicate km0 supplies (within 50 km). The result is given as kg of CO2 /sq.m.

The universal score that makes green comparable, to let customers looking for eco-sustainability find you

If you lead a business you can register to The GreenWatcher and make your own EcoAssessment. The result is given as an EcoScore from 1 to 10, along with details on each parameter that was analysed.

EcoScore represents the average between EcoScores of the described three sections (materials and waste management, energy consumption, emissions). Besides, it takes into account some bonus that you can earn through specific eco-actions to be indicated in your EcoAssessment. For example the use of energy supply from renewable power sources, or energy recovery systems, as well as eco-friendly packaging or use of water recovery systems. These actions, really important for the environment, but not directly measurable, will take you to get higer EcoScore, and will be shown in your company page as recognisable flags.

Use your company page to upload beautiful pictures and describe your offer, and remember that EcoOpinions will be shown on your page as well, to indicate how much green is perceived by the people.

It's very important to remember that both EcoScore and EcoOpinions are always positive results, as they represent real eco-friendly actions undertaken by your company and, in case of the EcoOpinions, the perceived green. Eco-sustainability is of course always to be improved, but every single step taken in its direction is good for the environment and for us all. So, don't be scared of a "Ecoscore 4" or a "EcoScore 5.2": it is not a grade, and none will fail the exam!

Once registered, you can update your EcoAssessment every time you improve your sustainability and obtain a new EcoScore. On your company page the history of your EcoScore will be show, in order you to see how it improved through time. Follow our eco-friendly tips and discover how you can improve your EcoScore.

Certificate of eco-sustainability and widget
After the EcoAssessment compilation you will receive an email containing your Certificate of eco-sustainability with your EcoScore, and all the results about materials, waste management, energy consumption and emissions. Remember to print it, and show it to your customers: your business is eco-friendly!

Mind the widget! Along with your Certificate of eco-sustainability you will receive also a widget, with your EcoScore on, to be used in your digital and printed communication: email, blog, website, brochures, invites. It is just a little tool to demonstrate your big efforts!

EcoAssess your business now!