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Eco-friendly Christmas gifts in Rome

13 November 2015

How to make happy friends, family and our planet in the capital of Italy

Next Christmas will be very special because it will be the first to be accompanied by The GreenWatcher‘s tips on all those stores that offer products careful to sustainable development. This week we have selected 5 eco -friendly shops in and around Rome.

Eco Fashion Italy, Via E. Jennifer 94
They sell clothing made by bamboo or eucalyptus fiber. Eco-sustainability is guaranteed and doubly certified by Oeko-Tex and Fair Wear Foundeation. Bamboo fabric, in addition to being naturally hypoallergenic, is obtained directly from the raw plant that grows to its maximum height in just three months, without pesticides or fertilizers. It’s an ecologic choice because is 100% biodegradable. The EcoOpinion of our users is 2.9

Mimmi Duu, Piazza delle Iris 4
Everything here is for kids. Not only wooden or recycled material toys, washable nappies and organic clothing but also organic food for infants from organic farming. Freely accessible inside the store, parents can find a BioBabyStop equipped with soft and colorful couches to nurse, for nappy change or simply for a pause. The Mimmi Duu EcoOpinion is up to 2.0

Ecocentrici Bioprofumeria, Via Antonio Serra 53
The furnishings, thinking in a sustainable architecture, are totally made of cardboard. The several brands sold are all carefully selected for their natural components and they come from certified organic farming. Ecocentrici isn’t just a bio-perfumery: inside you will also find a large selection dedicated to the care of your home with detergents with a little impact over the environment. Your EcoOpinion on the store is 2.1

Gusto Ecologico, Via dei Galla e Sidama 47 is a real bazaar of sustainable shopping. You’ll find fair-trade and organic food, toys, products for personal beauty or home care (paints included!).It’s specialized in products for pregnancy and childhood. They also offer eco friendly products for birth, baptism, Holy Communion and birthday lists. Gusto Ecologico has a EcoOpinion of 2.6

Re(f)use, Via Fontanella Borghese 40
It’s a boutique where fashion and design means recycling and reuse. Bags, jewelry, candles, home decor and furniture designed and made by Carmina Campus recycling lots of materials or reusing entire objects upsetting their original function. Your EcoOpinion is 2.0

If instead you decided to leave for Christmas, check out our guide for Eco friendly products for your ecologic shopping across Europe.

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